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We are committed to promoting diversity, and inclusion, and contributing to the growth of the South African economy. To achieve these goals, we have initiated several initiatives


KasiTech is a program dedicated to fostering the growth of fintech startups in the townships and rural areas across South Africa. At FINASA, we believe that innovation can come from anywhere, and that the most impactful solutions are those that are developed by the people who understand the challenges and opportunities of their communities best – true entrepreneurs

Financial inclusion is not only about the end-users, but also about the enablers of financial services – especially those based in our townships and rural areas. FINASA is committed to providing support and resources to KasiTech startups that are working to build a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem in the townships. Through our program, we offer mentorship, membership, training, and funding opportunities to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.

Our mission is to inspire change by empowering the next generation of fintech leaders, especially women and youth from the townships. We believe that by providing access to the right tools, skills, resources and networks, we can help transform the financial landscape in our townships & rural areas and create a brighter future for all. We call you, as our Strategic Partners in the Public or Private sectors, to join us on this journey of innovation and impact – and let's work together to build a more equitable and prosperous South Africa

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